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The King KW-65 Whetstone utilises a combination of 1000 Grit on one side to sharpen and smooth the blade while the other side is a 6000 grit for honing the blade. The convenience of having both sides allows for a much sharper knife.

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The King KW-65 is the original 1000/6000 grit combination Whetstone, it’s Made in Japan by one of the oldest manufacturers of Japanese Whetstones. King provide an extremely good product which is why we love the brand. This stone is perfect for sharpening all types of kitchen and fishing knives and restores dull edges to razor sharp in less time than many other kinds of stones. It also has workshop applications and can be used for the likes of planer blades, chisels and other cutting tools also. They are also used in salons for keeping scissors in top notch cutting condition. It will undoubtedly provide many years of very reliable service. The King KW-65 (HT-65) Whetstone utilises a combination of 1000 Grit on one side to sharpen and smooth the blade while the other side is a 6000 grit for honing the blade. The convenience of having both sides allows for a much sharper knife. Please Note: Newest models of this stone are no longer stamped with ‘Made in Japan’ but are still made in Japan.

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  • Made in Japan.
  • The Original King 2-Sided Sharpening Stone.
  • Used with Water.
  • One Side For Sharpening: #1000 Grit.
  • One Side For Polishing: #6000 Grit.
  • Supplied with Plastic Base with Rubber Non-slip Pads for Stability.
  • Full Edge Restoration can be Achieved in a Matter of Minutes.
  • Combination Grit: #1000/#6000.
  • Dimension of stone: 185mm L x 63mm W x 26mm H.


  • Always be careful not to cut yourself and take extra caution whilst sharpening.
  • Submerge the Whetstone in water for five to ten minutes to soak. When there are no more little air bubbles appearing, the stone has absorbed the optimum amount of water.
  • Continue to apply small amounts of water whilst sharpening. These stones are designed create a workable slurry on the surface and require a good soaking in water for the best results. The water combines with small particles released from the stone to form an abrasive substance (the slurry), which allows the sharpening to take place.
  • Try to keep the slurry paste on the stone for as long as possible. Do not wash the slurry away, as this is what sharpens the knives. It’s the finer particles released from the stone that does all the work.
  • Place the Whetstone in the supplied slip-resistant base for stability so it doesn’t slide around and clear a good space around you whilst sharpening.
  • Start by using the coarse grit of the stone for a dull blade, or go straight to the fine side for a reasonably sharp blade to give it a light touch up.
  • Move the blade back and forth (away from and towards the body) at an angle of approx’ 15° – 20° across the entire stone.
  • Use light pressure.
  • Start at the tip of the blade. Pull the blade over the stone through to the middle and down to the base of the blade. After a short time, a fine edge will have developed.
  • Turn the knife around and work on the other side of the blade.
  • Repeat this process several times as necessary.
  • There are also some excellent video demonstrations of how to get a great edge on your knife on You Tube. Search: Sharpening Knife on a Whetstone with Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada is a great one. He does it perfectly.
  • Important: Always maintain the same angle.
  • To finish, pull the blade twice at an angle to the cutting edge to remove the last burrs. If you’ve done it right then your knife should now be really sharp. Happy Cutting.
  • Rinse off the Whetstone and clean off the grinding residue.
  • Rinse the knives carefully in hot water.
  • Let dry and store carefully so the stone doesn’t get chipped or cracked.
  • Be careful handling the stone. Don’t drop the stone, they can crack or chip relatively easily.
  • King stones are relatively soft and so they have a comfortable feel when used and sharpen fast, as they build up a workable slurry relatively quickly as grains readily release from the surface of the stone. Therefore these types of stones must be resurfaced relatively often as a hollow develops in use.
  • It’s best to try to use as much of the surface of the stone as possible whilst sharpening to reduce hollowing of just the middle.


  • Condition: Condition: Brand New, unused, undamaged in retail packaging.
  • Brand: King.
  • MPN: KW-65.
  • UPC: 4963188104426.
  • Type: King KW-65 Japanese Knife Sharpening Whetstone 1000/6000 Grit.
  • Product Type: Whetstone Knife Sharpeners.
  • Includes GST & Fast Reliable Shipping.
  • Our Average Dispatch Time: Less Than 12 Hours.


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